The Jewish Question

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The Jewish Question

Post by nate_higgers » Sat May 27, 2017 3:01 am

Who here is redpilled on the Jewish question?

For those of you who are not, it's a very easy question to answer that requires only really meeting jews and seeing them as Jewish, not white.

Jews fundamentally do not see themselves as being anything like the goyim. A white Christian and a white atheist still see each other as kin, but a Jew does not. He may look white, but his ethnicity, his culture, his identity is fully Jewish

As a diaspora that until recently had no homeland, their only viable survival strategy was parasitism - feeding off the host and his power.

This isn't literal, it's a metaphor - jews gained influence amongst the rich and powerful in their countries because they were skilled (mainly in administration), which back in 1400, was very rare. Due to the fact that they were so skilled AND that they could do usury, rulers used to actively seek them out.

So they got their power, and more of it because their services were so valuable. The case of the jews in Egypt was actually true but twisted by the Jews in context to make them look better. They were skilled people, who got into positions of power very honestly, collectively abused that power to hold the nation hostage until people starved (because they didn't care for their host, only they matter), then were threw out, and it was anuddah shoah. This has happened hundreds of times in history. There's rarely been any entirely unjustified antisemitism, it's just a trait of being a nomadic people with no homeland. They go to a country, are either shitty or great (regardless becoming shitty eventually) and get thrown out

You have to remember, fundamentally, they see themselves as an ethnic group. Once you frame everything they do in their own Jewish identity, they begin to make sense as a people

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